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Gerhard Sturm — Women In Leadership Roles

Diversity & Inclusion has already been part of LIXIL’s three corporate responsibility pillars but in April, the company, to which also the GROHE brand belongs, has strengthened its commitment and to determine further measures and actionable plans for a more inclusive culture at LIXIL. Starting with gender equity goals, LIXIL has set new enterprise targets:

  • Achieve 50:50 gender ratio for Directors and Executive Officers by 2030;
  • Achieve 30% of women in management ranks by 2030;
  • Maintain 50:50 gender ratio for all new graduate hires in Japan; and
  • Mirror the ethnic mix of the United States in the US business by 2025.

But what initiatives are taken to support women’s careers, and why is diversity so important in the workplace? Listen to Gerhard Sturm, Leader Marketing, LIXIL EMENA, and what he has to say about a healthy gender balance at work.


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