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GROHE X Masterclass

Private spa moments – Design for the senses

One of the most notable changes of recent times has been in the perception of the home as personal retreat. The room that has had to adapt most to the new role of wellness space is the bathroom. No longer a sterile, functional closet, it is now idealised as a kind of private home spa. In this masterclass our experts Patrick and Begüm explore how the design process can be focused on creating products that really connect with the user on a sensory level. Of course a big part of that process will go into creating products that can be personalized and customized to suit the customer’s specific taste and style. A space can’t feel special and truly “yours” if it’s too similar to everyone else’s.

As technology improves and our manufacturing processes can ever more economically meet the demand for diversity and adaptability in our product lines, the kind of personalized products currently seen as a luxury will come within the reach of more and more consumers. The bathroom makeover has only just begun.     

Experts on stage

GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Patrick Speck

Leader, LIXIL Global Design, EMENA

Patrick Speck joined GROHE in 2006 and has held several senior positions in the design department. Becoming VP Design Transformation in 2018, he ensured LIXIL’s design vision was globally aligned across the brand portfolio. In 2020 Patrick was appointed to Leader LIXIL Global Design EMENA, with the purpose to deliver insight-driven and meaningful product solutions and ensuring the designs add real value to consumer lives. Before his career at LIXIL, he worked for global brands such as Electrolux, Zanussi, Rex and AEG.

GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Begüm Tomruk

Lead Designer, LIXIL Global Design, EMENA

Begüm has been with GROHE since 2015, being promoted to Lead Designer in June 2021. She has a strong background in industrial design and is experienced in multidisciplinary projects. She appreciates simplicity and believes in the power of storytelling through design.

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GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Yasmine Blair


Yasmine was born in Los Angeles and moved to her mother’s home city of Vienna as a child. She began her TV career in 2006, moving to Berlin in 2009. She hosts a number of live shows and corporate programs, while also working as a translator and coach.