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GROHE X Keynote 

When ice turns into water

Børge Ousland’s subject is climate change. But the now overused and somewhat tired phrase does not convey the drama of what Børge has witnessed – and what he now wants you to understand. He has spent his life in the most remote, inhospitable regions of our planet, closely observing the environmental changes brought about by global warming and their effects on the people and animals who live there. His efforts to bear witness to what he calls the “only livable planet we know exists” in its moment of distress are what give his stories urgency. If he cares so much, and will put himself in such peril to expand his knowledge, then shouldn’t we care enough to act? 

Børge is realistic about the damage done and the dangers we face. But he is not one to despair. His work in bringing the effects of climate change to our attention is certainly a warning. But if we hear the warning and act on it, then there is hope…

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GROHE X Summit 2023
GROHE X Summit 2023

Børge Ousland

Polar Explorer and Climate Activist

Børge is the latest in a long line of fearless explorers to be celebrated as a national hero in his native Norway. It seems there is no extreme environment he will not take on in his quest to understand our planet better. His most recent expedition involved spending a winter traversing the Arctic in order to observe the effects of a warming planet on the polar ice floes. National Geographic magazine called it “the boldest polar expedition of modern times”.