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Install a GROHE Grohtherm Thermostat Trimset

GROHE presents the answer to everything: GROHE Rapido SmartBox, the universal solution that gives you endless possibilities as well as flexibility and freedom. Offering a number of ingenious features, it supports up to three shower or bath functions with a single concealed body. The GROHE Rapido SmartBox is easy to install and fits all plates - whether it is a single-lever mixer, a two-handle thermostat or Grohtherm SmartControl Concealed. And with the GROHE Rapido SmartBox System you can even install the box now and decide on a trim in the future.

In this video you will learn how to install the GROHE Rapido SmartBox in combination with a GROHE Grohtherm thermostat trimset. Our thermostats are available in round, square and cube shapes and can either be used as a 1-function model to operate a single shower or 2-function model for shower and bath fill operation. The exceedingly narrow plates, with a width of just 10 mm, and the slim design of the controls ensure that the overall outreach is a mere 43 mm. All our two-handle thermostats offer this combination of good looks and extra space. Watch our HOW TO video for a step by step installation instruction.

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