Tackling the plastic crisis

Less Plastic

This is how GROHE wants to make the world plastic-free

It's a frightening picture: In early December 2020 researchers at a hospital in Rome discovered traces of microplastics in a human placenta for the first time. (1) This again illustrates the degree to which microplastics are ever-present in our daily life – not only in soil, food and water, but now in our bodies, too. It demonstrates that growing plastic pollution and the continuous use of disposable plastic impact the environment and have consequences for the human body.

Leading by Example – GROHE’s Less Plastic Initiative

Realizing the steadily growing global demand for water and energy years ago, GROHE began addressing key sustainability challenges. In 2018, GROHE launched an initiative to replace plastic packaging with sustainable alternatives. This ambitious undertaking has already yielded impressive results: To date, 32 million pieces of plastic packaging have been saved - a first milestone on the way to the goal of ultimately banning all plastic materials by end of 2021. Offering plastic-free packaging is part of GROHE’s comprehensive 360° sustainability approach that simultaneously includes employees, suppliers, customers, processes, products, and the brand's social contribution.

Significantly, GROHE wants to help customers cut their plastic consumption, too. That is where GROHE Blue comes in: The water system offers still, medium and sparkling water directly from the kitchen faucet – filtered and cooled to optimal drinking temperature. A family of four can thus save an average of up to 800 plastic bottles per year. (2)

Another way of fighting plastic waste is GROHE’s cooperation with everwave. The vision of Marcella Hansch, CEO and founder of everwave, and her team is a responsible society for healthy oceans. Both partners are united by their vision of clean water through the reduction of plastic waste. The trained architect is developing a water platform that collects plastic waste in rivers before it is washed into the oceans. GROHE does not only support this project financially; both partners also want to raise public awareness of the plastic problem and sensitize people for a more sustainable lifestyle.

(1) Study published in Environment International
(2) DHU 2019, www.duh.de/mehrweg-klimaschutz0/einweg-plastikflaschen

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