GROHE goes Zero

GROHE’s journey to achieve CO2 -neutral production

GROHE takes its responsibility for keeping our planet healthy seriously. This is why GROHE has continuously worked on reducing the brand’s environmental footprint to an absolute minimum – a journey that started over 20 years ago. Join us on an exploration of GROHE's global efforts to achieve CO 2 -neutral production and how it was finally achieved in April 2020.

It all started with the founding of the Central Environmental Management back in 1999 which laid the groundwork for incrementally implementing sustainability as an essential part of the brand. In 2015, GROHE installed its first combined heat and power plant in Hemer, Germany. The production site in Lahr, also located in Germany, followed suit only one year later. Here, the electrical energy generated covers the site’s complete electricity requirements. With both combined heat and power plants about 5,000 tons of CO 2 emissions can be saved per year. In GROHE’s production plant in Klaeng, Thailand, the power of thesun is used: energy is generated through solar panels on the roof, which reduce CO 2emissions by about 2,000 tons per year.

Besides switching all production plants and German distribution centers to green energy in 2019, research and development are needed to further reduce emissions along the entire value chain. Hence, GROHE built a state-of-the-art test laboratory in 2018 that further enforces the speed of innovation for emission-saving technologies in production processes as well as in the products themselves. One groundbreaking innovation is 3D metal-printing which promises not only an increase in the effective use of material but also a new degree of individualization for our homes.

To offset yet unavoidable CO 2 , GROHE supports two projects in Malawi and India. The project in India built and maintains a hydroelectric power plant that offers clean energy to the North Indian transmission grid, while the program in Africa restores boreholes for clean water supply. The ultimate, LIXIL-wide goal, however, is reducing CO 2 emissions from all business processes, products and services to net zero by 2050.

By reaching its goal of achieving carbon-neutral production in April 2020, GROHE became one of the first global sanitary brands to achieve this milestone, thereby setting an example for the whole industry. GROHE’s journey towards sustainability continues with the next target in mind: All sales offices are to become CO 2 -neutral by 2021. Stay tuned!

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