360° GROHE Living Spaces

Can’t imagine how it’s supposed to look?

Don’t worry – just dive into our 360° GROHE Living Spaces! View fascinating designs and check out the newest product innovations.


How can GROHE contribute to the mega trend Urbanization?

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Future-Ready Bathroom

How can we create future-ready technologies?

By 2050, one in five people will be over the age of 60. Have a look at the GROHE Eurosmart design solutions – already today!

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Family Bathroom

New Eurosmart - It’s a family affair

GROHE offers a modernized, versatile companion that perfectly meets the needs of all generations.

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Community Kitchen

Growing cities and the kitchen at the center of people’s homes.

What are the individual needs and how can everyday routines be simplified? GROHE presents the answers: individualized, eco-friendly and flexible.

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Green Living

Water – a scarce resource

Protecting the planet has never been more important for GROHE. What eco-friendly options are there in the industry of kitchen and bathroom fittings? Which innovative technologies will we be using tomorrow? Visit our Green Living Space and get a sneak peak.

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Quick Fix

As simple as that!

Easy and safe installation for everyone

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Touchless Living

Which faucets are best to minimize the spread of germs?

As an expert on the field, GROHE presents the answers to hygiene questions. Now, more relevant than ever: our Touchless Living Space!

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Home Spa

How can you turn your bathroom into a wellness oasis?

A space dedicated for your personal me-time to relax body, mind and soul. Experience the power of water with GROHE and visit the 360° Home Spa Living Space.

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Hidden Champions

Installers - GROHE wouldn’t exist without YOU.

And we try our best to support and optimize your daily work! Challenges like time pressure and increasing customer expectations are nothing we can’t solve. How? Visit our 360° Hidden Champions Room to find out!

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Showers World

Tailored showers for a spa-like ‘me-moment’.

Discover the GROHE shower variety and enjoy your personal shower moment!

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A digital experience

Book a virtual tour through our Living Spaces guided by one of our experts and deep dive into the world of GROHE and our product portfolio.